What Affects the Cost of a Power Flush?

There are a few factors that impact the cost of a power flush, and they’re good to know while you’re considering having this procedure done at home.

What Affects the Cost of a Power Flush?

Number of Radiators

The more radiators you have, the higher your costs will be – this is simply because it’ll take longer for your labourer to do ten radiators than it would two. More cleaning materials will be needed too, meaning both supply and labour costs will increase with the number of radiators in question.

Size of House

Similarly, the size of your home will dictate the price. If your boiler has to work harder to heat a large, multiple-storied home, the build-up will likely be harder to budge than that of a smaller appliance.

Age of Boiler

It’s suggested you have a power flush every five years or so, so if your central heating is older than this and you’ve not had it cleaned, the sludge may be harder to clear out and require a longer procedure than something that’s been well-maintained over the years.