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What's a powerflush?

Powerflush is a cleaning and flushing procedure characterized by using an external pump and tank arrangement to effect the circulation of water or chemical cleaner solution at increased velocity and turbulence through the whole circuit and particularly through individually isolated panel radiators where fitted, such that it reaches the entire inner surfaces...

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ADEY - Meeting Standards (Quick Guide)

This is a quick guide to the new British Standard for preparation, commissioning and maintenance of domestic central heating and cooling water systems. These standards are for boiler manufacturer, central heating installers, central heating maintenance contractors, treatment product suppliers...

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Powerflush - Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQs on powerflush. How often do I need a powerflush? How long does a powerflush take? Do I need a powerflush if I am getting a new boiler? Can a powerflush cause leaks?...

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