How Often Should I Powerflush the Heating System

Powerflushing always can improve and safeguard the performance of your central heating system. However most people are unsure about if they really need a powerflush? Getting your system powerflushed means you’ll be helping it work better for longer - and should also see instantly improved performance.

In the heat of spring and summer, it can be difficult to remember just how essential central heating is until autumn arrives with rain, wind and a chilly bite to the air. A great way to mitigate this scenario is to give your central heating system a power flush to make sure everything is in great working condition.

How often should you have it done?

  • Powerflushing is a deep clean of your heating system, performed by a Gas Safe registered engineer who is qualified for specialist work on heating systems. Because your boiler, pipes and radiators create a build-up of sludge, debris and rust over time, the efficiency of your heating system becomes affected and it stops working as well.
  • Powerflushing offers a quick solution to this, and can also save you money further down the line from expensive repairs needed due to the build-up causing faults and breakdowns in your heating system.
  • When you central heating system is treated with inhibitor and powerflushed, it’s only usually necessary every five to six years, unless a problem with your central heating causes a higher volume of build-up than normal.
  • It’s recommended that you bleed your radiators once a year, even if they are working properly.

Common problems which needs powerflush?

  • Cold spots in radiators
  • Excessive noise from the boiler
  • Boiler cutting out
  • Slow heat up of radiators
  • Little or no hot water from your combi boiler
  • Gas usage rising in winter
  • Dirty brown or black water present when bleeding radiators
  • Radiators cool to the touch
  • Rooms not reaching their set temperature
Radiator key

If you want to make sure everything is in order for the colder months have your central heating properly serviced and cleaned to keep you warm in winter.