Ideal Powerflush - What is it and why is it needed?

3 Pillar of Powerflush

How does powerflush work?

Powerflush is a three-stage prolonged process of combining the use of chemicals, heat and agitation to dislodge, move and extract out the sludge and dirty water that is in your heating system.

We use a combination of double magnetic filtration system (Magna Clense) and a industry leading Norstrom Powerflush Machines, Kamco FX2 chemical and Senital X100 inhibitor together with Neutraliser, using the most up-to-date technology to make sure your radiators heat up properly. This process helps to increase the life-expectancy of the whole of your system, keeps your heating bills down and reduces the risk of breakdowns. Prices start from £180.

Our engineer will connect a power flush machine to your system. This will push a powerful, low pressure flow of liquid through your system. This dislodges sludge and rust, removing it from your radiators and boiler.

It can take several hours to flush out your radiator system. It can take even longer if you have a larger system or there’s a lot of sludge.

Stage one


The bidirectional cold rinsing of each radiator, hot water cylinder, etc., which removes all bulk ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants.

Stage two


Hot circulation of cleaning chemicals on each radiator to remove ferrous and nonferrous materials until the heat distribution is satisfactory.

The procedure consists of circulating cleaning chemicals through the central heating system using an power flushing machine and agitating the radiators at the same time to remove corrosion products.

Stage three


Bidirectional cold main flush to remove cleaning chemicals and the last remaining contaminants.

Rebalancing the radiators.

Dosing the system with inhibitor.

Your central heating system will contain fresh, clean water after the power flush. The engineer will probably add an inhibitor solution. This liquid chemical will stop sludge building up again

Who should perform a powerflush?

A suitably qualified central heating engineer should carry out power flushing. This is not something to attempt yourself, particularly if your engineer also needs to open up your boiler or examine other faults in your central-heating system. Gas Safe registered engineer like us can perform powerflush on your central-heating system.

If you think you have sludge blocking your radiators, get a Gas Safe registered engineer like us to have a look. Simply book online or contact us via phone/email

We use the Norstrom Proflush Professional Standard machine and the dual magnetic filter system. The Kamco chemicals FX2, we use are designed to dislodge the most stubborn of blockages within the central heating system. Once the powerflush has been completed we add a inhibitor, this prevents the system getting clogged back up with sludge and keeps your heating efficient and reliable.

Warranty We provide a certificate upon completion of your power flush with a 2 year standard guarantee or if you have a magnetic system filter or we fit one at the time of the power flush, we will give you a 3 year extended guarantee for any blockages caused by sludge in the heating system. (Terms and conditions apply).

NOTE: We do NOT use the “traditional” method of magnaclean a heating system, which only rely on pressure and heat from boiler, and in many cases breaks down or jams boiler components with loose rust and sludge.

A new British Standard (BS7593) came into force in 2019 which now requires an in-line magnetic filter and chemical inhibitor.

If you think you have sludge blocking your radiators, get a Gas Safe registered engineer to have a look.

Some of the problems that could be avoided with a Powerflush

A strange noise coming from the heating system and The over-flow keeps continuing is normally sign of blockages.

  • Cold spots in radiators
  • Excessive noise from the boiler
  • Boiler cutting out
  • Slow heat up of radiators
  • Little or no hot water from your combi boiler
  • Gas usage rising in winter
  • Dirty brown or black water present when bleeding radiators
  • Radiators cool to the touch
  • Rooms not reaching their set temperature

Powerflush Benefit

Roughly 80% of boilers will break due to well-known killer, central heating sludge. This is what it will do to your radiators

  • Enhanced energy-efficiency
  • Improved system reliability
  • Potentially lower energy bills
  • Reduced likeliness of boiler breakdown
  • Could increase system lifespan
  • Radiators can warm up quicker
  • Better quality of heating and hot water
  • Reduced noise from boiler and radiators
  • Maintains heating system pressure

  An older system will usually benefit from having powerflush done.